Code of Conduct

      1. Meetings with Suppliers must be conducted with a minimum of two (2)committee members.
      2. Business discussions with Suppliers are to take place either at the clubhouse or the Suppier’s place of business (NO Exceptions).
      3. Members of the Committee are forbidden to accept any type of gratuities or special pricing beyond what has been negotiated for the community.
      4. Suppliers must be vetted and agreed to by a majority vote of the committee prior to being put on the Buyer’s list.
      5. Individuals of the Buying Club cannot make special concessions and or requests from Suppliers upon completion of negotiations without the consent of committee members and going through the process again.
      6. All business discussions with Suppliers must be in writing (i.e. any verbal discussion must be followed up with written confirmation)
      7. Monthly meetings will be held on the first Monday of each month at 4:00 pm at the Clubhouse to discuss new/old business.